Wholesome meals...in a bowl!

We take wholesome ingredients and combine them in our house bowls - more color means more flavor and more nutrients. Balanced meals for the body and soul.



scratchmade falafel, green lentils, romaine, pickled onion, roasted carrot, beet and chickpeas, crumbled feta and sweet & tangy moroccan dressing [GF, VEG]


roasted chicken, white basmati rice, romaine, roasted sweet potato and corn, black beans, avocado and cilantro with spicy cilantro lime dressing [GF]


roasted brisket, black forbidden rice, kale, roasted carrot, corn & broccoli, pickled onion and green onion with spicy korean gochujang dressing [GF]

mexicali  New

roasted brisket, white basmati rice, lettuce, roasted asparagus, corn & baby tomatoes, avocado and cilantro with roasted poblano dressing [GF]


roasted chicken, green lentils, kale, roasted carrot, beet, brussels sprouts & onion with pumpkin seeds and spicy harissa dressing [GF]

saigon New

roasted pork, black forbidden rice, lettuce, roasted broccoli, fresh carrot & cilantro, pickled onion, chickpeas and lemongrass ginger dressing [GF]

your  bowl


​​choose one

[all gluten free]


choice of romaine or kale


mix a salad green plus white basmati rice, black forbidden rice or green lentils



​​choose one

[all gluten free]

roasted chicken / roasted brisket 

roasted pork / chicken tenders / falafel


​​choose up to four

[all gluten free and all vegan and except sweet potato]

roasted sweet potato / carrot / chickpeas / beet / corn / brussels sprouts / asparagus / broccoli / onion

fresh avocado / cilantro / jalapeño / green onion

pickled onion 



[all gluten free and vegeterian]

moroccan / cilantro lime / harissa 

citrus agave / spicy gochujang 

 roasted poblano  /  lemongrass ginger


We can bring the Bowl Cookhouse experience to you! You customize your bowl offerings for any occasion. Most of our items are free from gluten and we have plenty of vegetarian options so you're able to feed the entire group! Allow Bowl Cookhouse to make a fresh impression at your next event!

wholesome  meals...in  a  bowl

We believe the Buddha Bowl is beautiful in its simplicity.  It gives us the ability to find a harmonious balance between nutrition, flavor, and maybe even spirituality! 

 We use wholesome ingredients and treat them in a way to enhance their already natural delicious flavors. When building your bowl, more colors means more nutrients and more nutrients mean more flavor! Start with a base of nutrient packed greens and/or grains...add some protein and wholesome ingredients and that’s it.  


Come get a fresh impression of what good food can truly be.

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