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gourmet chickenhouse

Tenders and Sammies


chicken tenders

Hand breaded chicken tenders with lettuce, tomato & choice of sauce on butter bun + chips

Simple Sammie

Chicken tenders with lettuce, tomato & choice of sauce on butter bun + chips

chicken tender salad Sammie

Chicken salad made from our chopped chicken tenders with lettuce, tomato & choice of sauce on butter bun + chips

bacon ranch Sammie

Chicken tenders with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato & ranch on butter bun + chips

smothered Sammie

Chicken tenders covered in melted cheese sauce & bacon on butter bun + chips



mac n cheese

Gooey mac n cheese with a toasted breadcrumb top

Roasted Veggies

Your choice of fresh roasted veggies

Stoneground Grits

Creamy cheesy stoneground grits

cheddar drop biscuit

Handmade cheddar drop biscuit

chicken n waffles


chicken & waffles

Hand breaded chicken tenders with choice of sauce, crispy waffle & maple syrup

chopped chicken waffle

Waffle with chopped chicken tenders baked in the batter & maple syrup


topped waffle

Crispy waffle topped with bacon, chicken tenders, avocado, hot sauce, cilantro & chipotle maple syrup




southern salad

Hand breaded chicken tenders on a bed of lettuce with bacon, carrot, tomato & cheddar cheese with choice of dressing

Chicken & Grits

Chicken tenders on top of cheesy grits with crumbled bacon, green onion and choice of sauce

buffalo mac n cheese

Chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce on top of mac n cheese with crumbled bacon, green onion and ranch dressing


We love to share our table, but we can use yours if ya like! Let us bring the love to you. Whether it's for twenty or two hundred, we have plenty of fixings to go around.


Southern cooking is all about a love of flavor. A love of fellowship with our friends and families as we share our table. A love of the hands that brought it to our table. Most importanly, love from the hands that made it in the kitchen. A good southern cook would almost rather cook than eat! It's this love of the land, food, fellowship and our craft that guides our hands here at Fowl and Scratch.

And sharing our good food with as many as possible is our goal. That's why all our items are naturally free from gluten. We even have a gluten free bun for our tenders sammies!

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