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GET THE APP's our app and it's coming soon. And yes it will let you do all the cool things an app does.

You'll use this app to order food from us for pick-up or delivery and you earn free stuff which is...a bonus! Plus it's kinda cool to look at and maybe a little bit fun to play with but the best get crafted food in a click!

All that being's what you really want to know - 

your food will be made just the way you ordered it and it will be ready when we say it will be ready! Plus you'll get a little 'thank you' from us each time you order...points towards free food!


We call it the Crafthall Kitchen Multipass. You earn points from our multiple brands that can be used towards purchasing any food from any brand!


When the app is ready, we'll let you know so you can your phone, download the app and order from Crafthall Kitchen! Swing by and grab your food from our pick-up cubbies or we'll even deliver it directly to you!

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