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Crafthall Kitchen is the genesis of my 20 years of restaurant experience.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Crafthall Kitchen. I'm Jennifer Rotondo, the founder of Crafthall Kitchen. I'm usually behind the scenes...the one that works for other brands and develops their recipes, engineers their menu, creates limited time offerings, develops restaurant identity and restaurant marketing plans. So, over the years, I've been collecting brands in my head...concepts that I've created and saved for just the right time. I've been watching the restaurant industry and seen the ups and downs and trends. People’s needs change and their tastes change and their lifestyles change but I noticed that the restaurant industry hasn’t come alongside them fast enough. That's where I saw the gap in the market. That's when Crafthall Kitchen was born. 

I gathered my most talented chef and creatives to bring Crafthall Kitchen to life. I wanted a place where visitors could come and share flavors that blurred lines. We started with traditional recipes as our foundation but blended in our cultural experience and new spices to create new flavors! Our goal is to ultimately give you flexibility and hopefully a new experience. The vision is to bring you fresh flavors…flexible a fast way!

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