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We are a scratch made kitchen cooking up fresh food with flavor like no other!  It's important to us that there's room around our table for everyone so you'll find tons of menu items that are free from gluten, filled with veggies or protein-rich.

We change our menu often so check back to see what new fresh flavors we've got cooking at Crafthall Kitchen!

Crafthall Kitchen Menu-01.png


No one else can cater like Crafthall Caters! You have four different brands to choose from when ordering from Crafthall Kitchen...something for everyone! We want everyone to be able to enjoy great flavorful food so most of our items are free from gluten, we have plenty of vegetarian options or if you eat a protein-rich diet we have a variety of freshly roasted meats! Allow Crafthall Kitchen to to help you cater your next event!

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